Photo tour in Venice

Photo tour in Cinque Terre
Photo tour in Italy

4 days | from July to November 2019

„The "city on the water" that every year attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. ”

I n this way, millions of visitors flock to the city every year, for this rason the photo tour Venice will be held far from the Carnival. To avoid the most famous event in Italy, which gathers thousands of masks, beautiful to see, exciting to try, but also stressful way to live for the incredible crowd that is generated in the small streets and squares more famous. During the photo tour Venice we will use "the quiet after the storm" to explore the other city, the one unknown to the general public, away from the souvenir shops made in China, the bars decorated with "dragons and tigers" and the countless windows of pizza by the cut. The photo tour in Venice will help us discover that part of the last bastion of the city that still resists the "business at all costs" and that ensures the Venetians the "usual" but quiet daily life, marked by "ombre and cichéti" consumed in the now rare "bàcari", the historic and famous taverns. Wandering between calli, bridges and sottoporteghi we will take advantage of the hours of light in search of the most suggestive view that the rays of the sun or a leaden sky can emphasize, transforming every shot into a spectacular photograph.


We will also explore Murano and Burano two different islands near Venice for the type of architectural landscape that will gratify the participants giving original shots and unique in their kind.


But the best of this photo tour in Venice will be expressed at night when humanity decides it's time to hide inside the home and leave the streets to the ghosts of the past. Every sign on the walls has a story to reveal: whether it's legend or truth, everything brings back to a past rich in anecdotes consumed among the canals. The deserted streets become the stage and the buildings the scenes between which to revive old stories with a taste of the eighteenth century full of masks, but also wigs, tricorns and tobaccos. Surreal landscapes that transform those places into other places giving the viewer unique emotions that are renewed every night making the magic atmosphere and fairytale ready to be captured in a series of extraordinary shots.


July - August - October - November
4 days - 3 nights
from Thursday to Sunday

in collaboration with:
Hotel Kette****


597 €


Lots of dates, book yours!

Exclusively for the photo tour in Venice we decided to create an intense calendar of dates. We hope to respond to the many requests received from abroad to take advantage of dates in both summer and autumn. Here, then, is a four-month proposal from July to November, September excluded, full of weekends to devote to photography in an extraordinary location that will never cease to amaze you. From Thursday to Sunday, 4 intense days and 3 nights of night sessions to indulge a great passion. Fill out the request form and you will receive a list of all available dates and their cost details.

monthdatefee by person availability
July11-14673,00€sold out
July18-21673,00€ sold out
July25-28673,00€ sold out
August8-11646,00€ good
August22-25646,00€ good
October3-6804,00€ sold out
October10-13804,00€ sold out
October17-20804,00€ sold out
November31 ott - 3597,00€ sold out
November7-10597,00€ sold out

45 days before each date









„By popular demand, we re-propose the Kette”

The participants will stay at the Hotel Kette a 4 stars housed in a historic building of the sixteenth century that offers comfortable rooms in Venetian style decorated with traditional wallpaper and fine fabrics. The structure is located just 400 meters from piazza San Marco and 100 meters from the Teatro La Fenice, in a strategic location to easily reach all parts of the city in about ten minutes, without being immersed in the confusion of daily tourism. The hotel also provides a shuttle service to and from the airports of Venice and Treviso. Get ready, then, to walk through the labyrinth of narrow streets that run through Venice and its surroundings. Four intense days to experience calli, sottoporteghi and canals at every hour of the day and night in perfect Venetian style. We will do everything that tourists do not do including lunch and dinner in the hidden bàcari and frequented only by Venetians.

Program of the days

1° day: Thursdays
Arrival at the hotel scheduled for noon, very early afternoon at the latest. Assignment of the rooms and exploration tour of the surrounding areas that will allow a first contact with the neighborhood and the possibility of taking the first shots. At the end of the photo session return to the hotel and discussion with the tutor of the individual objectives to be achieved during the workshop. Followed by dinner and evening dedicated to night shots around the neighborhood.
2° day: Friday
Early in the morning after breakfast start a photo session around the neighborhoods of Venice. In the early afternoon transfer to Burano for the session of day shots and then, for night shots. On the return to Venice for those who still have energy a short session of night shots.
3° day: Saturday
Early in the morning after breakfast I start a photo session around the neighborhoods of Venice. In the middle of the afternoon transfer to Murano for the daytime shooting session and then for the night-time shots. Back in Venice for those who still have energy, another short session of night shots.
4° day: Sunday
Throughout the day, we will take advantage of the courtesy of the staff of the hotel by depositing your bags and waiting for the time of return home will continue the photo sessions around Venice.
In order to ensure the best possible conditions for the workshop, the programme of days may vary according to logistical and weather factors.


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