A photo tour is the best opportunity to learn how to capture the essence of the places and their habitants

Specialists in photo tours designed by photographers for photographers.

PHOTO TOURS PRO organizes photo tours around the world, collaborating with the best accommodation facilities that guarantee the highest quality standards in the most surprising and original destinations. Every photo tours has been conceived and planned by professional photographers especially for photographers, with the fundamental objective of making them find the right place, at the perfect time, ready to take extraordinary photographs. All the photo tours have been experimented more than once to identify the critical points, improve every detail and be able to count on alternative solutions always, even in case of adverse weather conditions. The hotel accommodations represent the best and most refined is available in the location of the photo tours and are comparable to what in Italy is defined as 4 stars. The drivers and local guides who collaborate with PHOTO TOURS PRO have been selected on the basis of their experience and knowledge of the places, as well as for the enthusiasm to share with others the passion for their country. The means of transport used in the transfers represent the best available in the places of destination in terms of reliability and comfort.

PHOTO TOURS PRO's tutors are professional photographers who, by profession or personal interest, have visited the destination several times and are familiar with all its cultural and landscape aspects.

An evaluation of the personal portfolio at the time of registration for the photo tour allows the tutor to know the technical level of each participant, ensuring that everyone respects the timing and individual creative experiments. All photo tours have a maximum number of 10 participants to allow, in addition to a more flexible mobility of the group, the best possible interaction between the tutor and each of the participants. With the photo tours, the participants significantly improve their level both technical and creative through the field testing of specific shooting techniques for different types of photography. The interaction with the tutors, for those who wish, continues even at the end of the trip: through the most popular social networks, participants will continue to receive advice and knowledge about the various photographic techniques.

The tutor is available to participants throughout the trip, answering questions, advising and sharing the most appropriate shooting techniques for each type of situation. At the end of each day the participants will analyze with the tutor the shots taken to evaluate the individual improvements obtained in the various techniques of shooting and creative composition.

Photo tours for photographers of all levels


A world of images captured in one click

A photo tour is much more than a tourist journey. The photo tour is designed exclusively for photographers who want to visit destinations where to take extraordinary photographs, respecting their needs and timing. This is what PHOTO TOURS PRO offers and it does so with particular attention to the quality of the trip, at all times, to offer participants an unforgettable photographic experience.

Every photo tour is an exciting experience

In a photo tour you will have the opportunity to improve the photographic technique whatever your level and genre preferred. You'll learn to turn a series of photographs into a beautiful photographic tale just like an editorial project ready for publication. Or you'll learn more about the preconditions for your next artistic research to be exhibited in an exhibition. You'll meet many people as passionate as you about photography with whom to share opinions and experiences, but above all an exciting and fun adventure.

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I tutors

Mino Di Vita

He is a renowned professional photographer who has photographed many of the world's most beautiful destinations since the 1980s. He has visited more than 30 countries, flown over 400,000 km and worked with leading companies, brands and travel agencies. His photos have been published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, museum institutions and international art fairs. He is author of photographic books and collaborates with the IED of Milan as external commissioner for the final evaluation of the students. Among the successful events conceived and directed, the International Photo Project. He lives in Milan and works between Milan and Tokyo.

Kohei Shimada

After finishing his studies at Tokyo University of Arts he attended a master's degree in advertising photography, but alternating the daylight illuminators of a photo shoot with the soft halogen lights of an art gallery. An avid traveller, he prefers national borders to foreign territories, where he says you can discover incredible and unique landscapes. His "discoveries" are systematically published by numerous magazines with which he collaborates and the most spectacular shots collected in successful books.

Tyler Brown

He holds a BFA from California College of Arts and a master's degree in photography from Yale School of Art. His work is constantly published in architecture magazines. His way of capturing the urban landscape is the result of a careful socio-cultural analysis that makes him aware of relational dynamics. This characteristic has made him a point of reference among the design studios of the City that also involve him as a speaker in seminars and conferences. Many of his works have been exhibited internationally.

Alain Cabrera

Yes, he graduated in Art History from the University of Havana. His work is based on the research of the contradictions existing in society and visualizes them through images made in the studio or taken from everyday scenarios. His works are exhibited in solo and group exhibitions both in Cuba and abroad. He curated the eleventh and twelfth edition of the Havana Biennial and the Cuban section of the International Photo Project 2017 in Milan. Among her latest curators is the exhibition Mala yerba on contemporary Cuban photography for the Isolo 17 gallery in Verona.

  • “I am so happy to partecipated. Venice was wonderful. This was simply an incredible experience shared with an awesome group of people. I feel so grateful for having had the opportunity to attend. Well done Mino.”
    Lee Williams
  • “I am so happy to partecipated. Gran Canaria was wonderful. This was simply an incredible experience shared with an awesome group of people. I feel so grateful for having had the opportunity to attend. Well done Mino.”
    Lee Williams

Choosing PHOTO TOURS PRO means

Thanks to the collaboration with important Tour Operators, PHOTO TOURS PRO has selected the best accommodation facilities available in the destinations that host the photo tour, obtaining excellent prices in relation to the very high quality standard offered.

In the interest of the participants, PHOTO TOURS PRO always tries to reduce as much as possible the number of registrations necessary to guarantee the departure. This reduces waiting times and allows the first participants to proceed immediately with the confirmation of flights and accommodation facilities. By booking very early you can get the best fares available on the market.

The tutors who collaborate with PHOTO TOURS PRO are renowned professional photographers who, for work or personal interest, have visited the destination proposed in the photo tour several times and are familiar with all its cultural, landscape and logistical aspects. In particular trips there is also a tutor from the place.

PHOTO TOURS PRO's photo tour have a maximum of 10 participants to allow, in addition to a more flexible mobility of the group, the best possible interaction between the tutor and each of the components.

With PHOTO TOURS PRO every photo tour is an extraordinary adventure, full of emotions, amusement and experiences to share with other lovers.
The best opportunity to learn how to capture the essence of places and their habitants.